Welcome to Alburtis
Tavern and Lodge!

We are temporarily closed due To COVID shutdowns.
The Buckeye Tavern will remain open with normal business hours
for Indoor Dining, Pick Up and Delivery!

Come See What Everyone Is Talking About

The American House was built in 1876, destroyed by fire in 1895 and rebuilt out of brick in 1895. For many years it was a popular stop for train conductors and employees. Of the four hotels that were in Alburtis at one time, it is the only one that still remains.

Now renamed The Alburtis Tavern and Lodge it is located at the corner of Front and Main Streets. This landmark of the community has been revitalized to its glory days by proprietors, Hope and Terry Bender. The Alburtis Tavern boasts 12 updated, state-of-the-art rooms for travelers as well as a restaurant for the community. Come see what everybody is talking about!


Wednesday is Fiesta Night!

Enjoy a special south-of-the-border menu featuring Fajitas, Enchiladas and much more.

Historical Alburtis Lodge

Alburtis Lodge specializes in affordable short-term furnished suites. Are you looking for short term accommodations in the Lehigh Valley Area? If so, you have found the right place.

Alburtis Tavern